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Artist: Tsukasa Matsuzaki
Translator: Rogue


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In case anyone was wondering, the sequel to this has already been translated and sent to me by Rogue. (Many, many thanks!) Watch out for it soon, only here on Daphira Scans!
A short BoltSick omake (extra), from the back of Kanou Ryouki's "My Beard Wife".

Daphira Scans is currently looking for someone who can provide an English translation of Tsukasa Matsuzaki's "Sanzensekai no Karasu wo Koroshi". (See picture below.) Daphira Scans has a problem looking for the Japanese RAW, and the only version that is available is a Chinese scanlation of it. If you're interested (or in case you miraculously find an HQ Japanese RAW of it), post a comment here or email Daphira Scans. Daphira Scans can't pay you (anything of monetary value) though, since all Daphira Scanlations are for free.

UPDATE 1 (6/30/07): Someone has already volunteered to help Daphira Scans. Thank you very much, Rogue!

UPDATE 2 (7/4/07): Thanks to our translator, the schedule for the Daphira Scans release of "Sanzensekai no Karasu wo Koroshi" has been moved up. Wait for it in my next journal post!

As of today, Daphira Scans will also do scanlations of hentai doujinshi, mostly from the Super Robot Wars fandom, aside from the yaoi oneshots and doujinshi Daphira Scans has been known for. The first hentai doujinshi to be scanlated is "OG Summer", which has already been started, and will be finished in a couple of months or so. Don't worry yaoi fans, Daphira Scans still plans on scanlating more yaoi material for you in the future.
A one-page story from the Hunks Workshop doujinshi.

A very short story from the Hunks Workshop doujinshi.